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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 15, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> this tim leary was found dead on the bedroom floor next day. it has been a difficult week for all who knew her. >> hundreds packed this church in san rosa as against the in honor of this young girl, there were prayer is a said it and tears shed. some of her friends talked with kron4 about what they will remember most about the popular girl who loved it drama and was excited about going into high school this fall. >> she always had a positive attitude and was like a great person. if i was ever having a problem then she would always tell me. >> i remember that she was a really good dancer, she had a lot of talent. she
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could have gone release far. >> i do not think there is anything to forget about her, so everything and i think it is really hitting everyone right now. >> and rising crime in oakland renfrew--fruitvale neighborhood. on april 8th store owners pushed for a camera at installation. >> we are out some of the restaurant where a man was gunned down in april. since that time this restaurant was broken into and after that someone else was shot outside the restaurant that is why they have installed the first of several security cameras, you can see them up here they are hoping that not only will this be detour an additional crime but they're hoping that it will allow the oakland police to come to
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these places after an incident occurs and spot the bad guys. it the first batch of 100 security cameras are now in place in the oakland for sale neighborhood-- fruitvale neighborhood. >> this is hope that we can actually have the kind of security that this community deserves. >> oakland city leavers could admit--oakland city leaders admit that crime is on the ups in this neighborhood. >> some of us have been promoting these cameras for a long time we believe that they will help. they will help to apprehend the people wore are committing the crimes. >> merchants are concerned that the violence which is keeping people away in the hope that this will turn things around.
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>> i want to tell the people around the area of oakland and all the customers do not be scared, we will be watching you, we will be working for you and just come over. >> the rest of the cameras should be up within the next two weeks and city officials say. coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will hear from the daughter of a restaurant owner that was gunned down here. she said some emotional things this afternoon she says that she continues to live in fear in this neighborhood we will hear from heard tonight at 6:00 p.m. your reporting live in oakland kron4 news. >> the man suspected of stealing a picasso sketch at the san francisco gallery says that he is not guilty this is video from the hearing today inside of the superior court where he entered the plea. the judge would not allow us to show mr. lugo. it comes one day after 11 different stolen works of art were found in
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his new jersey apartment and that includes a another stolen picasso sketch, his attorney spoke out about this today hinting that his client needed a psychiatric evaluation. >> if you look at the evidence that was found in my client's apartment, all the things that were taken were apparently taken in the last 45 days and that speaks more to a burst of compulsive energy than someone that has the ability and sophistication to go out and get these paintings. >> j.r. stone is following this story he has a new surveillance video that security guards and say it shows lugo stilling expensive wine. >> security officers in new jersey tell me this surveillance video shows that mark lugo was leaving the wine store with high- priced wine. you may be asking yourself is this what mark lugo? i put the surveillance picture up next to his mug shot, you see there are some differences with the beard, and then there is not one. if but i
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did talk with mark lugo in jail and then i also saw him in court in is the same one in the video unless he has a twin brother that i know nothing about i wanted to get to the video because that is when things get interesting. this is the back nine room, he is walking around looking looking, he continues to look around eventually he bends down to the ground looks in the back, not a big deal. walking in keeps looking around at one point he goes back a been down and grabs a bottle wine and then stand up. as he stands there for awhile and then eventually walks out of their room with a bottle of wine. now let us cut to the next camera. xi's walking along, he is a bottle wine, then there is a gesture made, then there is no wind. it looks as though he puts it into his clothing. now let us slow that down, as he walked up aisle, you can see him with the bottle wine.
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then we continue letting it go, there is a gesture made, then he walks off a slowdown once more, and you can see that there is no wine in his hand now. presumably it is in his clothing. now let us cut to another camera, the same aisle, you see him walking and he has nothing in his hand at this point. this was right before he left the store. security officials at the store tell me that they believe that he stole three bottles totaling $6,000 however at this point, mark lugo has not yet been charged, or is not facing any charges in this crime. reporting in the studio, j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> danville police are searching for a man that is suspected of sexually assaulting a young teenager that happened yesterday morning at the tennis courts in diablo vista park, they say this man who is identity is not known inappropriately touched a 14 year-old girl. the victim was able to break
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free as she ran to her family's car. the suspect was last seen fleeing into a wooded area east of the park. [music] >> the fog is clinging to the coastline and spilling over into the bayshores so right now oakland, hayward see fog and all up and down the coastline, we continue to seek fog. temperatures are still cool on the coastline. the couple of degrees of warming in the south bay. for your morse part--for the most part it is in the '70s here is what you can expect tonight and into tomorrow. the fog will continue this evening we will see drizzling for the bayshore and into tomorrow morning. by the afternoon the similar situation to
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what we see today. breezy and mild, but we will warm up in a little bit i will have details coming up. >> the budget battle continues to take its toll on oakland, the city is handing out pink slips to 56 of its employees because of the new budget that was signed this month. while the number of layoffs is lower than first expected, aubrey aquino tells us that the cuts will make the city a little less easy on the eyes. >> workers are responsible for the public appearance and to police the illegal dumping are being hit hardest by the lay offs. sciu1021 president said they were glad to help ease the number of cuts. >> we were able to spare the citizens of severe reductions but we also feel that some of the reductions will also be very impact full on how services are delivered. >> one of those are
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gardeners that maintain public parks. >> a lot of people think of gardeners as maintaining something pretty, but there are a lot of services at that gardeners and to provide. >> one worker told me not only do the clearing trash, broken glass, needles and anything has addressed but they believed off the sidewalks and from the trees and shrubs, anything to keep the park safe. many of the gardener's being let go because of the cuts are being replaced by part-time help, and he feels that moving forward more needs to be done to save the jobs. >> city representatives have to think about new methodologies and in doing their budget because the old way is no longer working. we are in an all of the box e economy--we are in and out. >> the strained resources
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of rent the money was awarded because the department was at risk for failing to meet fire detection standards for response times, staffing and other criteria as a result of the ongoing budget cuts, the president of the firefighters union says that the extra staffing will make a difference. >> our firefighters are coming back to enter a six week academy after that six weeks we hope to the units back in service. after the two years of budget cuts that we have experienced, we're looking at the equivalent of seven engine companies being out of service. it has had a profound impact on response times getting those back in service will really mean saving lives again. >> the so-called brown out will remain in effect but that too can change in the
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reinstated firefighters are back on the job coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will show the emotional ceremony where the laid off firefighters got their badges back from the fire chief. now, live pictures from los angeles that is were work on interstate 405 is about to begin, the freeway will be shut down for 53 hours. coming up at 5:30 p.m. we will take you and a tour of the work that is being done there. still ahead on kron4 news at 5:00 p.m. the young man kicked off of a plane for wearing sagging pants talks for the first time since charges were dropped. we find out why it may end up costing you more if lawmakers do not raise taxes and we tell you how warner brothers will attempt to keep the harry potter legacy going long after the last film leaves at theaters. [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken
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>> congress has run up a credit card and now we have a responsibility to pay our credit. >> the united states is currently about 14 trillion dollars in debt. the reason is simple, the government takes in about $7,000 for every american is in the $11,000. for that imbalance has caused the debt to rise steeply in the last 30 years. no matter which party was in the white house. congress has consistently raise the debt limit no matter which party was in control. now, republicans say no more increases unless there is an agreement on reducing the debt. >> stop spending money that we do not have an begin to manage to this debt and deficit. >> the president says that the deficit cannot be
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reduced without raising taxes and that the consequences of the fault will be a lot deeper and more painful. >> we could end up with a situation for example where interest rates to rise for everybody all draw the country. effectively a tax increase on everybody. >> president obama urged republicans to listen to the american people not to lobbyist, but a new poll says that most americans are opposed to raising taxes only about one-third are in favor such and that is to halt that is true even though seven out of 10 say defaulting on the debt will be bad. >> the president say he may make cuts and modifications in social security and medicare he says that could save trillions of dollars but he did not offer any specifics. >> and looked at our extended forecast, will warm up gradually into next week back into the 80's i would have a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> tonight, kron will air
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nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. when will run the series finale of friday night lights that concludes the highly acclaimed series. then we have a line and 9:30 p.m. followed by kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. we will be right back. yñsñkékékióç]s]s
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>> commuters on 680 will soon see metering lights between dublin and highway 237. caltrain hopes that the newly installed lights will ease the traffic delays. those delays have played the community since car pool lanes were added. starting on monday, the metering lights will be fully activated from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.. [music] >> a live look outside, get a look at this talk with the thick fog rolling in. is it is spilling over into the bayshores. another round of
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fog and drizzle for the morning hours temperatures in the '50s patchy fog lingering aboard-around-the bayshore. let us get a look at the fog for tomorrow morning and this evening. by 8:00 p.m. it is spilling down the east bayshores, and close to the coastline where it has not moved all day long. this is just the 5:00 hour here, we will continue to see fog through the 8:00 a.m. hour. early in the morning-late-in the morning it will start to scale back. in the afternoon hours we will see some clearing before the fog pushes back into the bayshores. temperatures will warm up as the winds slacked off. '70s for the north bay, a warming a couple degrees closer to the coastline as well. no
5:22 pm
uppers' fifties at just 60 tomorrow. low '70s especially down south warming in the inland valleys almost 80 degrees in the antioch and pittsburgh. 75 walnut creek, 74 pleasanton, reaching low 80s down the south bay in morgan hill. a look to your kron47 they're around the bay forecast it is cool and foggy weather tomorrow. it will start to scale back as we headed to sunday and next week. we will see the warming trend that will bring us back into the 80's. >> a live picture now from southern california, people are getting ready for the shutdown of interstate 405, a major artery in that area, full shutdown is at midnight tonight we will have more
5:23 pm
details coming up, stay tuned.
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>> a writer in new york is crediting her friends on facebook for saving her son's life. kimberlee is here to walk us through what happened. >> that is exactly right without this facebook page right here she says her son could ever died. let me take the first video that have she gave this all in an interview she says that in may, her four year-old son got sick even though he had feveand red throat, sted tsicture of her anleo on a strcher s moths daer' like aricians. the h fever rask, rd swlenfa.this ptue captn noti tha the swlingasse h fever high, friends a fily mmons,he doctoing ds of mith scver buthehird veoafter hp
5:27 pm
say t she believe h n hadymomsimilar to her son that was diagnosedth bu sheook r s bacto t hospital s large heart and will he tousiesa get eocardiograms for the f s le but he is alive his >> and live loo outde ovowntowan fraisco ntinueor reasean t. ant to crush re cars.
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>> at 5:30 p.m., in live look, look at, the fog has already rolled in, we can see a little bit of blue sky. tell us if we will see the blue skies or the of
5:30 pm
fog this weekend. >> use our right there the marine layer was pretty deep, we see the low clouds close to the coastline spilling over san francisco into the east bay. that will continue to weaken, take a look right now not only a satellite picture, but the current conditions it is quite cool, close to the coastline only 59 degrees in half moon bay, 51 in redwood city but away from the coast, the temperatures more warmer today, also warmer in the inland valleys and the north bay. we did see a little bit of cooling close to the coastline today. we did not see the sun shine that we saw yesterday the down the peninsula is warmer. in the south bay is warmer and the valleys are also warmer. for here is what you can expect tonight into tomorrow, dense fog and drizzle headed back in. temperatures will bump up a couple of degrees and then on saturday night in another round of fog and drizzle. we
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will start a warming trend and i will tell you how warm it will get in just a little bit. >> a follow up on the young man that was kicked off of a plane because he was wearing sagging pants. san francisco native deshon marmen was not charged for refusing to pull his pants and he was escorted off of the u.s. airways plane last month, the district attorney says that the case is now close we talked with mormon after he found out the good news. >> deshon marmen is busy taking calls from the media after who they said there will be no charges against the um defensive back. >> i was ecstatic, so many motions came through but it was a sigh of relief for me. >> we have more important things to deal with in our criminal justice system here, and it is my belief
5:32 pm
that he spent a night in the county jail in has to deal with all the publicity over this item not think any more action is called for, the first two people to deal with mr. deshon marmen were two women, older women long time employees and both are african american a so when people want to throw out it was racism that is people i believe for working without knowledge of the facts. >> this young man says he is ready to focus on school in football he said was tough having his family dragged into this mess. he comes from the projects in san francisco and has a message for the kids that looked up to him. >> respect your elders, in any situation, anytime, anyplace respect your elders. if a >> his attorney claims that he was falsely arrested and considering a lawsuit at the very least they want an apology and refund on the ticket. police are trying to figure out what killed a man whose body was found on the
5:33 pm
freeway his body was inside his car on the shoulder of highway 237 in sunnyvale. the police say it does not appear day he was in an accident and they do not believe that the death was malicious. the police have identified the body of a woman that was found burned in oakland her name is monica godas she is 21 years old, please do not know how she died and there are flowers set aside on the road where she burned. they woke up to find her burning on the road thursday morning but she is not from that area. new details about a nursing student last seen two months ago, there is not $100,000 reward for information leading to michelle the discovery. today the family search for her body, will tran joined them. >> this is a new flyer out of michelle le any updates the reward for $65,000 to $100,000. this is in
5:34 pm
conjunction for the search for michelle le, this is the 6th a time that they have search for her. they're going through some areas they search last time in clean and some new areas. we talked with her family they believe that she is still alive and out there somewhere despite the hayward police department believing that this is a homicide case. i had a chance to talk with mark klass from the class kids foundation he is helping out with the search he says that the family has to assume and believe in their heart that she still alive because if they give up hope the volunteers will give up hope and stop searching for her. there will not only search today but also tomorrow and even though the reward is now $35,000 more at $100,000 and despite also having a private investigator on the case, her family says so far they have not generated any new leads.
5:35 pm
>> we take a back to las angeles were work on interstate 405 is about to begin the freeway will be shut down for 53 hours, grant lotus of joins us live in the studio and he heads details on the closure. >> are we talking about carmaggedon? this is a big deal. a lot of people drive on the weekends 405o and a corporate by midnight tonight, this at 10 mouse stretch will be shut down and this thing will not reopen until 6:00 a.m. monday morning. i will take you in for a closer look. as you can see the construction stuff here are will be a big widening project that is going on. as we zoom into
5:36 pm
the actual location, you can see that this is the 405 construction is set up and they will do some demolition work on the bridge. they will be demolishing that portion of the bridge right there, for every hour, the construction crew goes past the 6:00 a.m. monday deadline will be fine. $36,000 for each direction of traffic. north and southbound that will be a fine of $72,000 per hour. i 280,000 cars drive on this stretch of freeway and by the way, there is another thing that you may be concerned with, apparently there is another 405 shut down expected in about 11 months from now, more construction. if l.a. survives this, they have that to look for to carry it live in the studio i'm grant lotus with kron4 news. >> commuters are getting a technological upgrade from vt stara and today all light
5:37 pm
rail trains are equipped with free wifi. >> vta says that there the first transit agency in the world to have all been trained outfitted with wifi and there is is 4g fast. first i had to give it some of my information to the system and log in, that seemed to take longer than anything else wants ice started to log in i searched common web sites like kron4 dog, and cnn. then i tried something with a little more data. youtube was the first stop i checked out a stanley roberts of video it loaded quickly. the next stop was hulu i loaded a video and it was equally fast. there were some passengers checking out the new service on their mobile devices and that is something i was not able to conclude because my testing was done in the middle of the day it was unclear if
5:38 pm
the downloads would be as fast if the train was packed with data hundred commuters. i try this on a couple of different trains, it up loaded quickly everything worked out great one thing they want you to know is that this free service will always be free, they will not push any debate in switch and get people addicted and then start charging them. >> we have a programming note to tell you about, tonight we will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. we will run the series finale of friday night lights that includes the highly acclaimed series. then date line at 9:30 p.m. followed by kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. monk at 11:30 p.m.. it's really delicious, mom.
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[ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. and >> i and kimberlee sakamoto today top pentagon person announce that the
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department of defense loss 24,000 files to foreign in tutors earlier this year. william j lynn iii disclosed the information saying that the files were taken from a defense contractor but did not disclose who is behind the attack or describe the nature of the files that were stolen. google is offering a variety of 500 different emblems, each one for a particular different topic for each google news article you read, you get a star on your badge. there are five. microsoft appears to be working on a new product that will fuse the search engine with social sites like facebook in twitter. screen shots of this one here what appears to be a social hall search a product a by a web site owned by microsoft has been making their way around the web. following the report
5:43 pm
microsoft took the side down the that did not stop the rumor mill from spending. >> cool and foggy weather sticks with us for the next couple of days but we will start to warm up a full forecast is coming up in a few minutes.
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>> the harry potter series continues to be magic at the box office, the latest movie already pulled in more than $43 million at the box office and that is just from midnight showings. with that kind a money-making ability of courts and warner brothers did not want this series to end. aubrey aquino tells us how the company wants to keep harry potter alive. >> harry potter fans have been dreading the end of the harry potter series ever since the author said she has written her last book in the series. so has warner brothers, with the release of harry potter part to, there have watched the end of one of the most lucrative field franchises
5:47 pm
in hollywood history. harry harry potter mania has brought in billions. and some estimate that this could top the box office record killed by the dark night. warner brothers says their task is to make sure the business of harry potter does not end, that will take some magic. warner executives outlined plans how they want to maintain the harry potter gold mine. they plan on expanding the harry potter theme parks around the world and invest in harry potter v 0 games and harry connic--harry potter webb sites. this will reveal greedier background on characters and settings that the author says that she has
5:48 pm
been courting for years. they will turn of the place where they shot the film into a tourist destination where he hopes that fans will pass the stories down to the next generation. >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge this afternoon, the fog has returned to the coastline not quite so thick, but it is still clinging to the coastline into an area of of pressure that keeps our sea breeze in place. this evening if you have plans, the city will be foggy in oakland as well. already spilling down into the bayshores and then through the rest of the bay area in the overnight our housewives spread fog and drizzle as well. later morning hours it will start to scale back by the noon hour. so,
5:49 pm
temperatures have been kept cool all week long thanks to the fog. as we head into tomorrow we still keep it well below average for this time of year. as we head into saturday, we will see some slight warming. the warming trend will begin sunday in to the rest of the work week. a look your kron4 seven day around the they forecast. a warming trend starting and continuing all the way through next week. we will reach the upper 80s in our inland valleys and low '70s for the bayshores. it >> i and kimberlee sakamoto here with the animal addition of take a look at this. take a look at this, the feisty black bird that is it dives of bombing her people is defending its
5:50 pm
perch outside of the public museum residence at say that happens every year when the birds are laying their nests. take a look in the juvenile sea turtle found stunned his name is peter pan he has an injury from a shark bite or propeller that causes produce permanently float on the surface of the water. the pittsburgh zoo and aquarium are hoping to help and hill her so that she can return to the wild. take a look at the elephant orphanage in sri lanka welcoming the newest addition. molly gave birth to the catholic earlier nearly 12 elephants have been born there--molly gave birth to the calf. a giant panda recently gave birth to two cubs they're getting really special attention to the mother is focused on the boy cubs because panda's can only raise one baby at a time the panda experts are
5:51 pm
reaping the girl cubs. researchers say that they will swap them soon said that both of them can get motherly attention. >> live picture from southern california law center was getting ready for the midnight shutdown interstate 405. the shutdown will last at least through the weekend. we will be back. hah hah the front like
5:52 pm
have to have an impact martlet the home hong
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5:54 pm
disease and >> earnings have been good but remained ben bernanke says things will dip again so that is a promise the things will stay the same. >> let us look at the winners and losers, we start with the losers of dow jones. that is a fox
5:55 pm
company... >> this is a major story that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. murdoch and the skies over at news corp. have been circling the wagons and trying to get the story go away it is not going away. one of the persons packed into the phone of a murdered girl, they seem to have a history of doing this. now the stocks are being hit and not much. a couple billion is like for bp they lose billions and billions and in the next year they look a great. this is fox television a pretty diverse company. >> do you think there will be an impact on their holdings, the fbi is looking into the impact that they may have done the same things with some of the victims from 911--9/11
5:56 pm
>> murdoch is apologizing to keep both in person as many as he can so he's doing his best. >> president obama singles out drug companies. >> he looked more frustrated on a daily basis and one of the companies he is going after stocks that hit today for a couple billion dollars. in the --they said if they go after us and another round of cuts, they will fire people so they're basically trying to save corporate american mainstream america you do not want to lose your jobs make sure that this does not happen they will lobby against it. >> and they're using the employees to pressure the government. >> it is so easy to go after companies that make billions of dollars because they make billions of dollars with the also spend billions of dollars in research and development i see both sides. >> a winner today, google.
5:57 pm
>> of they pulled in 6.9 $2 billion in revenue their stock is up 13% for a relief the company a lot of the analysts are saying 725, that is an all-time high for google online users on facebook spend about 6.7 hours and with google it is about 4.1 hours. a lot of people thought that google was left for dead the they were not. the will >> and other winter today for... >> this is one that i like, i like the ipo coming out it makes us feel sexy. zillow you can basically go to your house and punch in your address and it will tell you what it is work in theory,
5:58 pm
but it was weird this is a real-estate ipo and real estate is not really hot right now. >> we're ending the week on a pretty good note, we will be right back. coming up at 6:00 p.m. more details on the picasso kept suspect and how are gallery owner says that he got away with stealing a piece of art in new york. a big bust in richmond, cash, guns and drugs are now off of city streets. wait until you hear how much it is all worth. why the state will not to end to help fix up honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hotspot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ it >> to bay area cities with financial troubles oakland is facing more layoffs and pay cuts police officers, firefighters and elected officials will all feel the pinch. san jose is of dealing with layoffs and pay cuts of their own, even the
6:01 pm
mayor to get reduced salary but some good news for the san jose fire department. there were hugs and handshakes as some of the laid off firefighters in san jose welcome back to the department of the money to do so was provided by a grant from fema and the department of homeland's security. the returning firefighters were all smiles as they got their badges bacteria >> it was a rare scene in these days of tight budgets. a 22 late offered firefighters back. their badges were returned in any motion field a ceremony. >> of this was a dream, it is a great department and we knew that they wanted us back. as long as you stick with them, they will be back. >> the 22 reinstated firefighters were among 49 laid off one year ago due to budget cuts. their return was made possible by a two
6:02 pm
year $50 million federal grant awarded because the department was at risk of failing to meet fire department standards for this city of size. >> they were great employees they are great employees, they're great people part of our order madison and family getting them back was a wonderful feeling. >> the returning firefighters will do six weeks of training before they read a sign, and for most not a minute too soon. >> it is pretty dark times, we were sad, i love the city of san jose because i grew up here in this is a place that i want to be a place that i want to work. i was hired in another department and i came back because this is where i grew up in this is where my family is. >> kron4 grant lotus continues our team coverage he joins us live in the studio at the big board and choses which areas will be most affected by the new hires. >> the city of san jose has 35 stations after these layoffs went into effect,
6:03 pm
stations and 29 and nine were hit the hardest. what often than not, the two stations were browned out meaning that one engine is normally taken out of service on a particular day and four of the nine firefighters will be sent to a different station in san jose for that date. now these two stations were selected for the brown out because they did the fewest calls. but these at stations and nine in 29 will not be immediately lifted. the rehired firefighters will have to go through some training about six weeks like a refresher course. after that, fire officials tell us that in the high errors should helped relieve the strain on the department especially station to a nine and 29. it is still unclear if the brownouts will be eliminated altogether once the training is over, remember that even though 22 firefighters have been rehired, the station lost 49 of them to lay offs. this is
6:04 pm
good news for the fire department and the citizens of san jose that it protects. i am grant lotus with kron4 news. >> financial trouble for the city of oakland means that 56 employees will get layoff notices because of the city's budget. they had to make cuts, and while those cuts are not as severe as originally anticipated we explain why certain employees are being let go. >> ever since 2005 i have been giving that money to try to avoid city workers for being laid off but as soon as i reached my 30th year, instead of getting a gold watch, or a crystal, or even a luncheon, i got a pink slip. so, no, i am not very happy about it. i am not really interested in working with the city anymore especially as many years as i have given the city and this is what date opted to do with me as an employee. so i would like to
6:05 pm
see training elsewhere in the private industry. >> as the investigation continues in this alcohol played in the role of the death of this 14 year-old girl during a sleepover last week. some parents hope that her death will prompt people to talk with your teams about drinking. some say honest conversations are already underway. >> if there been any of our kids, my kids, your kid and i am sure a lot of people have had similar incidences' that turned out the same and differently. >> this couple was one of many that attended the young girls memorial this friday. they say they hope her death will lead to more discussions between parents and teens concerning alcohol. >> we want the children to be honest with their parents and i think it is very important that the parents realize that children make mistakes. >> another parent tells
6:06 pm
kron4 news that she has had many talked with her daughter this week. >> i think every parent i have seen this week has talked about the same thing. a lot of the girls got together sunday night at our houses and day sent out cards. >> the kids say they are talking more about what happened as they mourned the loss of their friend. >> i think it is really hitting everyone right now so it is just hard. it is hard to remember her in the bedtimes' because all you are really thinking about is how she's gone. >> new details about the man accused of stealing a picasso sketch from the san francisco gallery. he pleaded not guilty today in court and as he did that, we managed to obtain this and knew previously unreleased surveillance video showing him at a wine store in the majority. security there tells us that he walked out of that store without paying for $6,000 worth of wine. in
6:07 pm
this clip, you can see him with a bottle of wine. and then later he is without it. there is a belief that he is hiding it is clothing. police recovered 11 stolen artworks from inside of his apartment including an of a picasso, j.r. stone spoke with the gallery who was picasso was told and they say they have upgraded their security system in recent days. >> prior to this i cannot tell you the last time that a piece of artwork was stolen from any gallery in new york city. >> william a lead for the browns beat gallery in new york city. it was his guess that was found in mark lugo apartment along with 10 other stolen artwork. >> none of our surveillance and picked him up. >> and fact ledford and not realize the picture was stolen her for one day. >> it is common for us to have our work off the wall
6:08 pm
temporarily if it is being shown in one of our private viewing rooms, or if it is being photographed as the picasso it was being photographed that date. your >> with you look at how it was taking, he found problems with his security system. >> we realize that if you loved the wall in a particular way, you could get downstairs, in to the picasso show that we have going on downstairs and back up without anybody noticing. >> as to how these managed to get out is unclear. as to how it got into mr. mark lugo apartment with other stolen works that is also unknown. >> everyone has shopping bags, he couldn't walk in with a bag and sealed it up and then left. that is a possibility. >> j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> police have identified the body of a woman found burned in oakland, her name
6:09 pm
is monica she was 21 years over police do not know how she died. tonight the mother of monica's best friend spoke out to kron4. >> of i feel so sad that she died the way that she did. i do not think that she deserved something like that. i do not think so because i do not think she heard anybody to do something to her like that. but she was a nice girl. she was going to school, she wanted to be a dentist assistant. perhaps she had good grades because every time she would do a test and she would get an a. she would come to us and show us her grades. she was a very smart girl. >> police believe the victim suffered some sort of trauma before she died and was burned. we have a
6:10 pm
programming note to tell you about kron4 will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m. we will run the series finale a friday night like which includes the highly acclaimed series and then date line and 9:30 p.m. followed by kron4 news at 11:00 p.m. monk at 11:30 p.m.. that is tonight we will be right back.
6:11 pm
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6:13 pm
>> the latest area to installed security cameras is fruitvale. car >> it is outside of this taco store bad a person was gunned down back in april, this is also location where the first set of security cameras has been installed in this neighborhood. earlier today, the victim's daughter spoke with reporters and told us what
6:14 pm
it is like to work in this neighborhood. >> i am not safe here, i do not feel safe. i do not know, for the merchants, i think they're all scared to be in their shops right now. >> darlene says that the mother of her father back in april was just the beginning. stock >> in three months, my father was murdered unjustly, the restaurant was robbed yet again and third, a man was shot outside of the restaurant. >> these incidents were part of an overall crime of taking that has brought the city of will and in fruitvale residence to install 100 security cameras like this one out in areas throughout. >> no matter how you try to be the fight if there is violence, there will not be people coming in. i am glad the camera system will hopefully deter some of the crime away because there has been no respect at all by the villains. >> no one says that this will stop the neighborhood
6:15 pm
crime problem but with the extra eyes, they hope that it will slowed down the heat and allow the police to take more of the criminals off the street. >> for all the villages that are out there including the people that did this to my father you will get caught. everyone will get caught, what you are doing is disrespectful and i really hope that something comes to a close fairly soon. >> city officials say that the rest of the security cameras will be installed in the fruitvale neighborhood within the next two weeks. reporting live in oakland dan kerman with kron4 news. >> $8 million drug bust in richmond police released these pictures showing what they see is, cocaine meth, and firearms and a lot of cash totaling about $1 million according to police. several people were arrested in connection with the case. and since this is still a man is in custody accused of firing a gun and fleeing the scene in a stolen vehicle. how this is his picture of the police said lester lee
6:16 pm
was fired 14 rounds on the treasure island shoreline. if officers tracked him down on the bay bridge in a stolen toyota minivan if they say they search the vehicle and it revealed a loaded handgun in a box of ammunition for defaces theft and weapons charges. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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6:19 pm
>> the city of santos go has been trying to fight the erosion at the beach, as you concede this erosion is significant heavy storms in 2010 helped to make matters worse. the city opted to place concrete and boulders along the beach to help reduce the erosion. this week the california coastal commission rejected efforts even though the city says that they are vital to protecting nearby pipelines and palms. in a farm analysts say that the boulders and concrete do more harm than good to the beach. today how we were at ocean beach to show the extent of the damage caused by the erosion. it
6:20 pm
>> it is easy to see just how bad this erosion is, a man is standing near the section of erosion, below him a good 10 football to the beach, the city has place concrete and boulders on to the beach to slow it down but there is enough damage to cause concern. without the barriers, cars could just back off on to the cliff. the city has pulled off the benches. it is clear to see that hobbies benches are sticking at the cliff now that the erosion is up under it. even though it is dangerous to walk on these cliffs, some people do not mind taking their chances to get to the beach. this erosion has been so significant, you can see where the fence posts have fallen down creating even more hazards. [music] >> a look at our current satellite picture fog on the
6:21 pm
coastline and spilling over to san francisco. the car fog continued to spread through out--the fog will continue to spread throughout the bay area. tomorrow morning widespread fog is expected. we will see drizzle like places like open in san francisco and the coastline. starting to scale back in and noon sitting in san francisco. it looks like it will hover there until the early afternoon for tomorrow. temperatures will warm up a little bit away from the coastline. we'll see the see restart to slide off a little bit. not as much marina here in the north bay, 75 santa rosa, the same thing in the inland valleys and the delta. 77 concord, 64 richmond. '70s for the bayshore and upper '70's and low 80's in the south bay. for temperatures are running well below average at this
6:22 pm
time of year. the adverse temperature for this time of year on the right. 73 at napa, but it should be near 80 and 90 in livermore. only 74 out there tomorrow. 75 santa rosa, but it should be 83. in mature kron4 seven day around the forecast. cool and foggy weather tomorrow it was a foggy into sunday we will have fog close to the coastline but it will one up upper 80s expected by mid-week. >> the fog debate continues. -- >> the debt debate continues. after that the how country may not be able to pay its bills. president obama made a speech today. >> congress has ran up the credit cards and we now have an obligation to pay our bills. if we do not, it could have a set of adverse
6:23 pm
consequences and i have already said that i am willing to take down domestic spending to the lowest percentage of our overall economy since dwight eisenhower. it also requires cuts in defense spending. i have said in addition to the $400 billion that we have already cut, we're willing to look for hundreds of billions more. it will require us to take on health care spending. that includes looking at medicare and finding ways that we can stabilize the system so that it is available, not just for this generation but for future generations and it will require them even as we are asking the person who needs a student loan, or the senior citizen, or people, veterans who are trying to get by on disability checks, even as we are trying to make sure that all those
6:24 pm
programs are affordable we are also saying to people like myself, that can afford it, that we are able and willing to do a little bit more. that millionaires, and billionaires' can afford to do a little bit more. but what i also said to the group is if we cannot do the biggest deal possible then let us still be ambitious. let us try to at least get a down payment on deficit reduction. that we can actually accomplish some without huge changes in revenue, or significant changes in entitlements. but we could still send a signal that we are serious about this problem. the fallback position, the third option and i think the least attractive option is one in which we would raise the debt ceiling but we do not make any progress and deficits. because if we take
6:25 pm
that approach, this issue will continue to plague us for months and years to come. we could end up with a situation for example where interest rates of life for everybody all throughout the country effectively a tax increase on everybody and i did that it is important for the american people that everyone in this town set politics aside, that everyone in this town sets are individual interest aside, and we try to do some tough stuff. and >> republicans say they're planning to introduce a bill next week that would drastically cut government spending if it is taxed. more news after the break. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
6:26 pm
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>> viewers were discussing new details about the fatal crash of san francisco that the police now believe a ucsf shuttle driver may have ran a red like before crashing into a big rig.
6:29 pm
this is one writes need to charge a driver of the shuttle with criminal negligence and or a feature manslaughter either way he should lose all driving privileges and never have been reinstated. my heart goes out to the family after this bit of news. them a visit kron4 facebook fan page to leave your thought stay with us kron4 news coming up next.
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> live pictures from southern california, a major highway is just about 30 minutes away from the first phase of a weekend shutdown full closure is expected at midnight tonight traffic is already getting backed up 10 mi. of interstate 405 will be closed starting at 7:00 p.m. this is the main route that many drivers used to get from the valley to west los angeles. that will last until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. for all the details
6:32 pm
let us go live to los angeles. david is standing by to fill us in. >> the evening let me show one of the rams, that is the first one that will close. the first formal close at 7:00 p.m. the on ramp from ventura boulevard to the 405. this portion will be close, a lot of people will use it to get to the other side, but the story is the traffic. this is incredibly like this afternoon this is unusual, but maybe people have been listening to the hike. a lot of people have been asking can we survive this? what you may not know is that they're only demolishing half of the bridge tonight, and they will come back in 11 months and go and demolish the other half. now live look, they are having a pool party. eight local radio station here is teaming up with our radio station for a
6:33 pm
pool party that will last from now until midnight as we wait for the freeway closures. >> in san jose, hugs and handshakes for the returning fire fighters, 22 of the 49 firefighters that were laid off one year ago got their jobs back, their badges were returned to the return is expected to relieve the strain on the department that will not have an immediate affect on station brown out as a result of budget cuts. in san jose i and rob fladeboe with kron4 news. >> 56 city employees will lose their jobs over the next couple of weeks. this comes as a result of the new budget. the cuts are less than originally anticipated. union leaders say those hardest hit are those responsible for keeping the parks clean as well this tree cutters to maintain over growth on the city streets. also gone, the
6:34 pm
litter enforcement program they are responsible for policing illegal dumping. in oakland i am aubrey aquino with kron4 news. >> and other big story, family and friends gathered to pay their respects to this young 14 year-old who died at a sleep over last weekend. nice to an investigation is underway to determine what role alcohol played in her death. friends tell kron4 news that the well like girl will be deeply missed. in santa rosa i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. >> homicide detectives say they have determined the identity of a murder victim who burned body was recently found in the city's rock bridge district. investigators say that her name is monica rodas she is 21 years of age and a core interface with page she has roots in oakland and attended the street academy alternative school back in 2007. homicide investigators said that it does not appear that she is had any connection to the rock ridge
6:35 pm
area where her body was found earlier this week. at oakland police headquarters i'm hazzig manyud with kron4 news. >> oan increase in crime in the fruitvale neighborhood has brought a authorities to install security cameras like that one were the 100 will be installed in 35 locations the hope is that it will deter crime and help the police to catch the bad guys. in oakland i am dan kerman with kron4 news. >> mark lugo command of accused of stealing a picasso from the gallery downtown pleaded not guilty in court today. we were there in court and spoke with his attorney who hinted that his client may need a psychiatric evaluation. this was just days after the police found 11 stolen pieces of artwork inside of his new jersey apartment. >> if you look at the evidence in what was found my client's apartment, all the things that were taken
6:36 pm
were apparently taken in the last 45 days. that speaks more to a burst of compulsive energy than someone that has the ability and sophistication to go out and fence these paintings. >> in san jose, the vta rolled out its free wifi service the agency said that it is the first in the world to have all of its trains be equipped with wifi, the idea has been a long time in the making a city number one request from writers has been wifi on the boat. the page is loaded quickly and there was no problem with the video buffering. they say the service will come in handy for many commuters that take the train. the agency says there will never be any charge to log on. in san jose i'm jeff bush with kron4 news. >> our bid weather story tonight is the fog right now you can see the coastline is not seen a lot of sun is
6:37 pm
especially in the past week. it will stay that way through the weekend. fog and drizzle for the morning hours tomorrow, fog clinging to the bayshores and the coastline. mostly sunny through the bay area but close to the coastline will see that fog sticking. 75 in san jose, and 77 in concord. let us get a look at fog tracker this evening. so, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning widespread fog for the bayshores and the peninsula. later in the morning and early afternoon the fog is finally pushing back the still hovering over san francisco. a look at your kron4 round of a forecast cool and foggy out there tomorrow. temperatures will start an upward trend. >> a programming note to
6:38 pm
tell you about tonight, kron4 will air nbc programming starting at 8:00 p.m.. will run the series finale of friday night lights. how then date line will follow at 8:30 p.m.. kron4 news a then at 11:00 p.m. monk can be seen at 11:30 p.m. that is tonight only on kron4. ñçoñ
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>> last night the playboy mobile hugh hefner sat down for his first interview after his ex fiancee crystal harris called off their wedding one week when they were set to walk down the aisle. but do not feel bad for him because he has moved on. and >> you have replaced crystal with to proper new girlfriends. >> that is correct. >> house are should people be feeling for you? it >> not to start. i'm in better shape than i would've been if i had got married. [laughter]
6:42 pm
>> he also limited his suspicions that crystal broke off their engagement after finding love with another man. after several years of marriage jennifer lopez and marc anthony are calling it quits. they married back in 2004 and was a third marriage for lopez and a second one for anthony they have to year-old twins and they say that their divorce was amicable. proving that their divorce was also amicable, arnold schwarzenegger and read shriver came together for a birthday dinner for one of their son's friends. although the arrived separately left separately they were all smiles reportedly. stay with us coming up sports.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
cook >> the big news today round san francisco, pat is going
6:46 pm
on a 15 day disabled list. he has a bone spur in his right foot, his only played a couple times this month. yes, this is nearing the end of the line. but the giants to say that he is a good presence in the locker room and all that goes with leadership. they have called up from fresno, the catcher sanchez. they have three catchers on their roster we will see with the next move will be. while the giants are in san diego they're playing soccer they will be this weekend at at&t park. this is club america doing their thing. the 5:00 start to see haunt just in from the locked out of the nfl practice with the team and replace with this afternoon. you know my international soccer expert jason says that they will have over 40,000 people tomorrow night to see soccer in san francisco. if you want
6:47 pm
tickets i cannot help you. [laughter] it is sold out. now the a's did the second half tonight hosting the las angeles angels of anaheim. we show you this because this was sunday is? mc hammer bobble head day. what is his connection with the a's? i will tell you about it in a moment. [music] >> this is no joke, people think we are kidding but he was a bat boy for charlie finley when he was like teen years old and then charlie finley was then the owner of the a's was in chicago and he wanted something to spy on everybody so he had mc hammer do it, he was pretty sharp and cool and everything and he like had a title of the executive vice president of the a's when he was 14. he has a history with the a's and by all
6:48 pm
accounts, people still love him might not care what anyone says. a lot of guys go his act and he got knocked because he blew a $30 million. but what a show he puts on and now he is a church creature. but you can get the ball hit on sunday. we do know that the british open is in motion? no holds an 1. we told you yesterday but tom watson today, if you can believe this are not, here is tom watson ready to go. tom watson, 15th career six strokes back. he won the british open five times. field, with tiger out a chance for him to do some business. now that is a par 5 with a seventh hole. when we return, it is e-mail time. brian wilson's antics are sure to come up. now which group of people are
6:49 pm
nicer? radio or television? tbilisi are you ready to go?--alcecia are you ready to go? >> wow! >> we will have the story next. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu! malibu chicken, flame broiled steak, or half dozen jumbo shrimp, plus endless salad bar... starting at just $9.99!
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at sizzler.
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6:52 pm
and >> here we go what you have? >> giants fans loved brian wilson no matter what he does that have to win for us to enjoy him. >> obviously if you are a giants fan who do not want to see this happen but if he had three bad games and row, you say that is so much fun. if he busted up the dugout knowing that showtime was filming him, that is fantastic but if you lose three in a row like that that is my opinion i do not think the fans, that is my opinion i do not know, but i
6:53 pm
think people tolerate any kind of behavior when you are winning. when you are not working, and need to show off it always makes me twitch. >> was it fair for bruce when it bay use the other team at all-star game? >> of it is not like you are going out of your way like i am trying to mess up the other team. it what it is, because he won the world series he is a manager, it is like you won the championship, you can do we want. but i think if it is an all-star game, but there was a little funny. >> and marty? is it all weight loss for pablo of his all-star season? >> everyone says that, he lost all the weight, but he went through a messy divorce last year. i'm telling you,
6:54 pm
in my estimation, you lose weight it will make you quicker. but you can still hit if you are heavy. it is the fielding that helps you out and i was among the two, i think clearing his mind, paying the young lady with he had to and is often that thing and now i'm a free man a baseball player, god bless you. i think that is equal to know cheeseburgers in my mind. >> anthony, is daring dieter would rather spend the all-star game with his family that is his business. >> now when you're making 70 million per year and you build your entire career on the premise that i respect the game. he was voted in by the fans, and that is the thing. if you are injured fine, but the story came out that he was in miami with his fiancee and she was feeling some television show. as i say all the time is easy from a distance to tell a guy that what he should do, but i have a hunch i guess we will never find out if i am him i would
6:55 pm
say why did not take a private plane in and take one out and leave. the 3000 hits, the captain of the yankees, you just do it. why have that on your record that you kind of tu-- thumbed your nose of the people who voted you in. and >> 0 which is better radio or television? >> it is kind of funny, because radial people most of them want to be on television and there is a reason that they're not on television. but overall if i had to have someone babies in my kid, i think is a lot less ruthless in tv. and give me j.r. stone. and >> ok, and this one says i used to get mad at you, but now i get it. >> thank you. now before i pass away it is nice to know that you get it. [laughter]
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
the countdown to casey anthony walking free. >> will she be forced to use a disguise? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. casey anthony is set to get out of jail this weekend. >> people will recognize her. they will point at her. they will make comments about her. >> will she be followed, forced into hiding? will her parents shut her out? >> she's estranged from her parents. people in her neighborhood back in orlando do not want her around. >> her plan to go into law enforcement? >> she's looking into a possible career in law. so, this is the chosen humans. "people's" sexiest man's secret romance. >> which oscar winner was ryan reynolds spotted with? and casting the "sex and the city" preq


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